R92,85 p/kg

Rump & Loin Pistola Pack

R1000 Deposit now payable
T-bones, Club Steak, Fillet, Rump Steak & Mince
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When Purchasing the Beef Rump & Loin Pistola Pack today you are paying a R1000 non-refundable deposit, once we weigh the Rump & Loin Pistola we will calculate the final price and advise off the balance owing which is payable upon delivery via card or EFT payment.

Most of our grainfed beef Rump & Loin Pistolas weigh around +/- 21 kg full and +/- 10 kg half, so the final cost of the Rump & Loin Pistola will be for example R 88 p/kg x 21 kg = R 1840,00 if purchasing the full R&L Pistola (keep in mind once ordering your product you pay R1000 deposit which will be deducted from your balance owed)

Pack Size


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