R45,63 p/kg

Pork Pack

R1000 Deposit now payable
Rashers, Leg Chops, Loin Chops, Rib Chops
See description for more details



The pork is mainly chopped and vacuumed for chops.

When Purchasing the Pork Pack today you are paying a R1000 non-refundable deposit, once we weigh the Pork we will calculate the final price and advise off the balance owing which is payable upon delivery via card or EFT payment.

Most of our Pork weigh around +/- 45 kg full and +/- 20 kg half, so the final cost of the Pork will be for example R 50 p/kg x 45 kg = R 2250,00 if purchasing the full Pork (keep in mind once ordering your product you pay R1000 deposit which will be deducted from your balance owed)

Pork Size


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